Important Announcements:

Midget Football  Chain Gang Rules and Instructions

1. Only THREE people on the chain gang.  No one except the volunteers that signed up should be 

on the chain gang.  If additional help is needed,  the announcer or EPBD Coach will ask for

additional members. If additional help is asked for the first person to arrive at the chains will be

the volunteer.  If you arrive and three people are already there, return to the spectator area.

2. Make sure you have the chains and your group is organized 10 minutes before kick‐off and 

halftime kick‐off.

3. When you are on the chain gang you are part of the officiating crew.  You must not make

comment,  cheer or yell to any players or coaches – on or off the field. You must take a neutral

stance and act as you would expect a referee to act.

4. If you have any questions or have a disagreement with anyone – call over the closest PIAA

referee to handle the situation.

5. Chains should not be on the sideline,  but two yards OFF the sideline. This is for safety of 

officials and players when there are plays on the sideline.  When players come at the chains, 

drop them so players don’t run into them and get hurt.

6. Do not move chains until referee signals a first down.  This is very important for penalty

situations.  If the chains are moved, the previous location of them may not be known.

7. Always follow the instructions from the PIAA referees.

Thank you for taking your time to help with the EPBD Football program. I 

am confident you will find your volunteer time rewarding and fun.


Please email letters to  or mail to P.O. Box 224 East Petersburg, Pa. 17520

Sharing & Communication via website:
Please take the time to re-read through the documents, forms and especially the Parent Handbook using the links to the right.  Very important information that we were all given at the beginning of the season is stored here for quick reference.  


Your help is needed & appreciated....
Parents  ~ thank you so much for giving your time and energy to improve the East Pete Football & Cheerleading Organization.  There have been many changes since last year and we are still working out the kinks.  Your patience and continued cooperation is very much appreciated.  A special thank you to those parents who have gone above and beyond to help out during games, practices and are volunteering for special events.   It's important to also mention that there are people in the community who don't have children in the program anymore, but continue to support and lend a hand because they take pride in the East Pete program ~ your efforts do not go unnoticed!
To keep this program running, to keep costs down, and to make sure our players continue to have the equipment necessary we need to generate some money.  In order to do this our concession stand needs to be open as often as possible.  Which means we need volunteers to make it happen.  If we all do our part it won't be so overwhelming for a few.  Please remember that ultimately, our kids benefit from the adults working together.  Let's not forget that we all enjoy the availability of drinks, snacks, and food when we are at practice in addition to the games, so please volunteer your time so we can continue to do this. 
If you have any questions about what you can do to help, please know who your team mom is and contact her.  They will be more than willing to communicate what still needs covered for the season.  Please remember they are also volunteering.  You can find your team mom's name & contact #  on the contact page along with each squad's coaching staff.  If you have any other additional concerns please feel free to contact the appropriate staff member listed on our contact info page.