****By-laws of The East Petersburg Bulldogs  ****     

Adopted November 2008/Revised June, 2012

Article I : Name

The name of the organization is:  "East Petersburg Bulldogs and Cheerleading Club” 
and can be referred to as the “East Pete Bulldogs”.

Article II : Purpose

The purpose of the organization is:
  A. To promote the social, educational, health, vocational and character development of 
youth through various activities, which the Club promotes

  B. To firmly implant through these activities the ideals of honesty, loyalty, courage and 
Good sportsmanship

  C. To receive, invest and disburse funds

  D. To maintain owned, leased or managed property for the purpose of the Club

  E. To cooperate with other organizations working for the same purpose

Article III : Colors and Symbols
The Club colors are Red and White. The club mascot is the Bulldog.
The symbol for the club is the Bulldog.

Article IV: Geographical Location

The geographical location of the club:
  A. East Petersburg Borough

     1. The East Petersburg Bulldogs will allow participants from adjoining school districts 
to participate in the club activities.

Article V: Elected Officers and their Duties

Section 1

The elected officers of the club are the Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, 
Treasurer, Cheerleading  Coordinator, Assistant Cheerleading  Coordinator, Booster 
Club Coordinator and Assistant Booster Club Coordinator. 

There may be co-officers appointed annually. These officers constitute the Board of 
Directors. Each co–officer has a board vote.

Section 2. The Director

A. Presides at all meetings of the club and Board of Directors;
B. Coordinates the work of all officers and committees, in order that the purpose 
may be promoted;
C. Performs other duties given by the By Laws;
D. Co- signs checks over $200.00 w/ treasurer. Any items over this dollar amount 
may be purchased if they fall under “needed by the organization, fitting under 
function, safety and /or required as well as snack concession items” and does not 
require dual signature;
E. Works with secretary and treasurer in establishing budgets;
F. Coordinates all football activities with the Red Rose Midget Football League;
G. Has authority to take action on any matter which in his/her sole discretion is 
deemed to be in the best interest of the club and its participants;
H. Appoints and supervises all club adult volunteers, coaches, youth participants, 
and administers club related activities;
I. Has approval authority on all club expenditures and purchases;
J. Serves on the Board of Directors.

Section 3. The Assistant Director
A. The Assistant Director acts as an aide to the Director and shall perform the 
duties of the director in the absence or inability of the Director to serve;
B. Keeps an itemized list of all club equipment, sizes and where it's stored;
C. Assists with coordination of all football activities with the league;
D. Is responsible for player registration and providing a complete roster to the 
E. Is responsible for maintaining player information, league player contracts and 
medical sheets for all players as well as obtaining signed coach’s code of 
conduct forms;
F. Searches for football candidates, recommends football coaches to the director for 
appointment, and monitors coaching at all levels;
G. Seeks scrimmage opportunities and coordinates scrimmages as needed;
H. Serves on the Board of Directors.

Section 4. The Secretary
A. Records the minutes of Club meetings;
B. Records the minutes of Board meetings and report those minutes at the next 
club meeting; organizes those records for future use;
C. Maintains a directory of all youth participants, coaches and adult volunteers;
D. Performs all duties as correspondence officer;
E. Maintains voting record by attendance at all meetings;
F. Assists with establishing budgets;
G. Advertises club events and information in available media as necessary;
H. Maintains Bulldog presence and correspondence via conventional, electronic and 
social media (e.g. web site, e-mail, Facebook, etc.) as needed to communicate 
effectively with all club participants;
I. Helps to maintain the post office box as needed;
J. Serves on the Board of Directors.

Section 5. The Treasurer
A. Performs as the Financial Officer of the club, establishing signatory authority on 
all club accounts;
B. Diligently maintains a record of receipts and expenditures, and ensures any 
accounts payable remain in best viable standing;
C. Maintains all financial, business, and insurance accounts and records;
D. Helps to maintain the post office box;
E. Presents a financial statement at every meeting of the club;
F. Supervises and suggests all investments of the club;
G. Assists with establishing budgets for each of the programs and monitoring them;
H. Determines accounting level and tax returns required annually;
I. Serves on the Board of Directors.

Section 6. The Cheerleading Coordinator
A. Coordinates all cheer activities;
B. Is responsible for Cheerleading registration and providing a complete roster to 
the secretary;
C. Is primarily responsible for the coordination and supervision of all cheer coaches, 
participants, and activities;
D. Presents to the club when requested an itemized inventory of all cheer 
equipment owned by the Club; 
E. Serves on the Board of Directors.

Section 7. Assistant Cheerleading Coordinator
A. Acts as an aide to the Cheerleading Coordinator and shall perform the duties 
of the Cheerleading Coordinator in the absence or inability of the Cheerleading 
Coordinator to serve;
B. Keeps an itemized inventory of all cheer equipment and sizes;
C. Assists with coordination of all cheer activities;
D. Seeks and develops opportunities for improving the cheer program through 
additional training, camps, etc.;
E. Searches for cheer candidates and recommends cheer coaches;
F. Serves on the Board of Directors.

Section 8. Booster Club Coordinator 

A. Coordinates all booster club activities;
B. Coordinates all fund raising activities and collects funds
C. Coordinates and helps with any banquet and other club social activities;
D. No check signing authority;
E. Serves on the Board of Directors.

Section 8. Assistant Booster Club Coordinator

A. Assists in coordinating all booster club activities;
B. Coordinates all team parent helpers and assign tasks as needed; 
C. Assists with Club correspondence and public relations as needed.
D. No check signing authority.
E. Serves on the Board of Directors
F. Assists in organizing banquet and other club social activities.

Article VII: Election of Officers
Section 1.
The elected officers are those in Article VI section 1.

Section 2. Qualifications

A. Eligibility for election to the Board should be individuals who have been active 
members for at least one year prior to their nomination;
B. Exceptions may be granted based on majority approval of the Board.

Section 3. Term

A. The term for office for all elected officers is two years;
B. All officers are eligible for reelection without limitation to term
C. Officers assume their official duties at the close of the election meeting.
D. The Director, Secretary, Booster Club Coordinator and Assistant Cheerleading 
Coordinator will be elected in odd-numbered years; the Assistant Director, Treasurer, 
Cheerleading Coordinator, and Assistant Booster Club Coordinator in even-numbered 
years, as to ensure continuity in leadership of the club.

Section 4. Election of Officers

A. The annual election of officers will be held during a regular club meeting in 
B. Nominations will be accepted at the October meeting;
C. Only those who have consented to serve and are eligible can be accepted as 
D. All officers must be elected by a majority of voting members that are present.  All 
officers must be present to hold the vote.

Section 5. Removal or Resignation of an officer
An officer can be removed by a two-thirds action by the board. Prior to any action of the 
officer, they must be notified of that action and may request a hearing on all reasons for 
the action of the board.     A resignation of an officer must be a hand written document 
dated and signed and turned into the board in a timely manner.

Section 6. Vacancy

A person elected will fill a vacancy occurring in an office for the unexpired term by a 
majority vote of the remaining members of the board. In case a vacancy occurs in the 
office of Director, the Assistant Director will serve notice of election.

Article VIII: Board of Directors

Section 1

The Board of Directors, referred to as the Board, consists of the present elected officers 
of the club.

Section 2. The Duties of the Board

A. To transact necessary business in the intervals between Club meetings and such 
other business as may be referred to it by the club;
B. To approve the plans of all committees and present a report at all club meetings;
C. To approve budgets for the program and approve routine bills within the limits of the 
D. To perform duties as specified in the Bylaws and by the policies.
E. To perform such other duties in order to maintain a vital, active interest by the 

Article IX: General Membership Meetings

Section 1.
Meetings by the Club may be held at a time and place designated by the Board or in 
conjunction with the monthly Board meeting. Any change to the regular time or place of 
the meeting   will require advance notice of this change.

Section 2.

Special meetings may be called by the majority of the board .

Section 3.

The privilege of introducing motions, debating and serving on committees or any other 
capacity is limited to adult members.

Article X: Parliamentary Authority

“Roberts Rules of Order Revised” Governs the club in all cases to which they applicable 
and in conflict with this constitution.

Article XI: Amendments

Section 1.

These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the club by a two-thirds vote 
of the voting members present and voting, provided the proposed amendment is read at 
both present and previous meeting with all Board members notified.

Article XII: By-Laws /Policy's

Section 1.

A By-law is an interpretation and implementation of the constitution.

Section 2.

By-laws may be adopted or amended at any club meeting , by a majority vote of the 
eligible voting members at any regular meeting provided the interpretation to adopt 
or  amend the by-laws have been communicated at a previous meeting.

Section 3.

A. Follow all By-laws and Policies 
B. Must have a 2/3 vote to change the policy's and By-laws.