Code of Conduct

I don't know any other way to lead but by example.  ~ Don Shula
East Pete Bulldogs & Cheerleading Parent and Fan Code of Ethics
The East Pete Bulldogs And Cheerleading Club has adopted a Parent and Fan's Code of ethics that will be enforced at all games. We strongly encourage and welcome active participation, positive support
and good sportsmanship from all parents and fans towards all the teams, coaches, and support staff.  With this in mind , parents and fans are reminded that any unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated.
Some examples of this are fighting, throwing things from the stands , inappropriate language or gestures toward any fan, coach, cheerleader, player or official. The determination as to what is unacceptable behavior will be at the discretion of the officials and officers of The East Pete Bulldogs. An infraction of the code of ethics will result in the person/persons being asked to leave immediately and not returning for the duration of the day's activities. Also it is our responsibility to notify East Petersburg Borough of any occurrence that happens on park property. A second infraction will result in not being able to attend any further activities or games with the Bulldogs.


 Respect Respect Respect
Reminder to ALL involved in the East Pete Program ~ we need to respect each other, the coaches, fellow parents, our visitors, referees and most of all the children.  Our kids should not be penalized on the field because of adult behavior on the sidelines!   In regards to parent issues with a coach, you are to respectfully address your concerns with that coach as you would like others to approach you if you were in their position.  Yelling on gameday is not the appropriate time.  Taking the time before and after practices or a phonecall would be  better options.  Choice of words on the sidelines are heard by the players ~ they need encouragement and will keep their heads held high when they see us modeling that behavior. 
Please remember that it is up to us to teach our kids good sportsmanship and lead by example.